Bryan Person & Doug Haslam: Joining Online Conversations

Bryan Person is doing a good job making this Podcamp Boston 2 session interactive, prowling the packed room with his microphone. His co-presenter is Doug Haslam. A good team. Lively discussion going on about companies’ blogging policies. Some don’t allow it, some encourage it.

I hear a pleasing British accent that I recognize from her podcast, Anna Farmery of the Engaging Brand. She’s making a smart comment about employee blogging, saying that the real problem is not what’s written on the company blog; it’s how engaged the employees are.

All this talk about what companies allow and what the don’t makes me SO glad I’m not in the corporate world anymore. It’s been more than 10 years since I was director of Corporate Communications at a natural gas company. If I were still there, I’d be the one making the pitch for a wide-open blogging policy, running into snarling higher-up opposition and feeling frustrated. God love the evangelists toiling away in the corporate world now!

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One Response to Bryan Person & Doug Haslam: Joining Online Conversations

  1. Anna says:

    I agree I enjoy being outside the corporate world…why? because people treat the sympton not the cause. They highlight negative comments rather than what is causing it, why are the people diengaged….the reason is that it is easier than having an honest reflection on the leaders and managers. Are they engaging people, have they got leadership ability etc

    I have always found treat people like adults and they will behave like adults…for me the fear is not in blogging but in NOT blogging. At least if people are blogging within the corporate environment you are part of the conversation and able to have some guidelines…leave them to do it personally, to me the risk increases. Hope to see you at the party tonight!

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