BlogTV archive of "The Arts 2.0" at PodCamp

Click above to play Part I of the talk.

Click above to play Part II of the talk

Phil Campbell videoed my PodCamp Boston 2 presentation this morning, “The Arts 2.0.” You can watch it in the embedded players above or at BlogTV by clicking on Part I and Part II. I’m adding to my Grazr list the suggestions that participants in the session made on how to use technology to advance the arts. I had a great time giving the presentation, and learned a lot from the discussion. Second Life did not cooperate at first, but after a fifteen-minute pause during which I talked about what’s happening in the arts in SL, I was able to go in world and visit the Sistine Chapel and Paris in the 1900s, where we checked out a show by my SL artist friend Kristine Schomaker, known as Gracie Kendal in world. She was going to meet me in Paris, but because of the glitch we never connected for the talk. Zut!

PodCamp Boston 2 was a very satisfying feast of new ideas and connections. Chris Brogan and Christoper S. Penn and their team did an amazing job organizing it in the face of wild swings in attendance expectations. I especially enjoyed meeting Dean Whitbread from London, whom I follow as DeekDeekster on Twitter. We recorded an interview after lunch that I’ll post on Wednesday’s Audio Pod Chronicles podcast.

I’m exhausted and energized at the same time. The beat goes on tomorrow, when I will return to the Boston Convention Center for Jeff Pulver‘s Video on the Net (VON).

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2 Responses to BlogTV archive of "The Arts 2.0" at PodCamp

  1. BethDunn says:

    nice job — I blogged it too at Have fun at VON!

  2. Simon says:


    Just heard your excellent interviews with Loic LeMeur and Deek Deekster. Great questions! Especially encouraging to hear Loic’s thoughts on transparency – something I’m trying to do with SimonYoungWriters. Sometimes scary, but I’m learning that “we are smarter than me”! And as Loic said, anyone can have an idea, it’s the execution that counts. Wish me luck as I execute today!

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