How the Internet Changes Everything: Exhibit A from Jelly!

What is Jelly? from Amit Gupta on Vimeo.

I’m disappointed I won’t be able to join tomorrow’s Cambridge incarnation of Jelly! It’s “casual coworking,” where people bring laptops somewhere and do their individual work in the company of others. I heard about it in a Tweet from Bryan Person, who is spreading the word. I’ve got grandson babysitting duty on Mondays, so I won’t be able to go. Otherwise I’d be on it in a second.

What I love about the introductory video above is how it showcases the diversity and energy of people working on the Internet. The California session is a random collective portrait, with screens showing everything from scary code to funny body parts for magnetic animals. Maybe I should bring my grandson, who will be two in February… In any event, this is the world he will enter, and his Grampa is eager to see what he’ll do!

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3 Responses to How the Internet Changes Everything: Exhibit A from Jelly!

  1. Bryan Person says:


    Thanks for the Jelly mention. Looks good to me, too! I’m hoping to participate later this month or early next month.

  2. MarkWB says:

    Interesting – the world of work – today! Interesting no longer knowledged based economy but diversification, collaboration, collecting and creating. I think Len you had an earlier blog on that.

    Struck me that the comments reminded me so much of my student teaching days and how young students would proudly share what they were working on – raw product and not worried because it was not finished. They could see it, feel it and moved forward. My and your generation would be more happier to show final product.

  3. BethDunn says:

    looks great – wish I could have been there!

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