The First Revolution to be Twittered…


Since walking  back home from a Colorado Rockies baseball game tonight, I’ve been transfixed by words and images tumbling forth from Tehran in the aftermath of what is beginning to look more and more like a stolen election.  Twitter’s #iranelection trending topic is producing a torrent of reports and links to videos of protesters marching in the streets of Tehran, throwing rocks at riot police, and wearing green.   In each of the videos I’ve seen, everyone in the crowd seems to be holding their own camera high, taking their own photos or videos.  Each time a new video appears as a link in Twitter, you can see the chaos from a different angle, the camera jittery with movement and running away from danger.

Flowing alongside the #iranelection trending topic is #CNNFail , a torrent of criticism of CNN for NOT covering the events in Tehran adequately.  A Twitterer named TeacupTina 10 seconds ago wrote, “There’s riots over #Mousavi and the #Iranelection and their top story is about people not getting cable. Major #CNNfail”

It’s all boggling to someone trying to make sense of these events half-way around the world, here in downtown Denver past midnight.  I look out my window at the peaceful 16th Street Mall and wonder what thousands of protesters/rioters would look and feel like down there.  I would no doubt be one of the observers taking video and posting it on the web, with Tweet-links to sound the alarm.

It seems like a week ago that I was in a great seat at Coors Field, cheering the local baseball team on to its 10th win in a row.  I hope to get some sleep now.  Tomorrow I will wear something green.

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