Odds and Ends from Podcamp Boston 4

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Adam Weiss had a cool portable recorder that I hadn’t seen before, an Olympus LS 10.  My aging Edirol R-09 is falling apart, so I can justify an upgrade for a crucial tool in my podcasting kit.  Plus, I have a birthday coming up….

I was using a free program named Levelator for podcast production about a year ago, but I’ve I HAVE NOT used it much lately.  It might be helpful for telephone interviews on The Kindle Chronicles podcast, when sometimes the volume of the person I’m interviewing doesn’t match the volume at my end.  I heard this tip in Matthew Ebel‘s excellent session on creating a home audio studio.

I’ve tried drop.io but someone said you can upload audio to it, which I hadn’t thought of. I need to check that out.

I need to make sure I’ve got the Kindle podcast listed in these popular podcast directories: Podcast Alley, Podcast Pickle, and Blubrry.

MPEG Streamclip is a free video editor that sounds worth checking out.

Matthew Ebel made me think I might want to invest in 5″ reference monitors for my den/podcast studio in Denver. These would be speakers that would let me know how a podcast is going to sound on the best audio equipment.  He said I could buy a pair for about $400 at Guitar Center.

PRmetrics by MediaHound enables you to track references to your company or yourself across social media platforms.

UPDATE: Adam Weiss also turned me on to a terrific iPhone movie app, Now Playing, which locates movies nearby and lists the Rotten Tomatoes ratings, which seldom steer me wrong.

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