Treading Water in the Juror Pool

Two courts have come to Room 431 at the Denver District Court building for juror calls this morning, but so far they have not called my four-digit number. There are still close to 200 of us waiting in comfortable chairs. They have decent coffee available in the back for free from a Van Houtt√© caf√© machine. It’s a depressing, crowded room except for the soft and colorful quilts displayed on the walls.
I don’t have time to serve on a jury, but I still hope they call my number. When the jury commissioner calls them out, you’re supposed to say “Here” loudly enough for her to hear you and then follow the clerk out into the high, wide, echoing halls of the courthouse.
The room is quiet except for one woman conducting a monologue for the man sitting next to her, who says nothing. I want to tell her to be quiet, but maybe we’ll be on the same jury.
Next jury call….

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