Descent of the Time Travelers….

This was the view out our window at the SpringHill Marriott Suites in downtown Fairbanks.

I love the discombobulation of time which this quick trek to Fairbanks and back has accomplished. I see it’s dark out my window on the final leg, from Minneapolis to Boston. If I pause and focus, I can fetch the day of the week from memory – Friday, right? My iPad, hooked up to the Internet via Delta’s Gogo service, tells me it’s almost 9 pm, so I’ll go with that. But mainly, I’m adrift in time zones and days of the week like an amnesiac. Darlene and I take turns remembering when the next plane boards, and where. I was happily working on E-Books for Troops at the Minneapolis airport, assuming I had a couple more hours, when she pointed out we were 20 minutes from boarding. Huh? How did THAT happen. No worries. You pack up the gear and head for the gate. Once you’re in the chute angling down to the plane, you can’t go wrong. Just find your seat and sit. Simple, and discombobulated, all in one.

Minor memos:

The new Kindle’s separately available case with a built-in light would have solved Darlene’s problem reading on this night flight with her overhead light broken.

My iPhone 4’s LED light helped for a while, thanks to TwItter Samaritan’s reply to my plea for help. You switch the camera to video and turn on the light, and you don’t ever have to shoot the video. But after about 15 minutes the light cut out because he iPhone was getting too hot.

There’s more, but we’ve begun our descent. Days of linear time resume soon, after a suitable amount of sleep. It’s been nice living in the vague and discombobulated now for a few days.
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