London Calling

Darlene and Deb en route to the Sofitel at Heathrow

We won’t be seeing much of London this trip, except for a nice hotel for about seven hours before we depart Heathrow tomorrow morning for Johannesburg.

Six hours on the American flight from Boston went remarkably fast.  The three of us had our own row on the right side of the plane, which gave Deb a good view of London at night as we landed.

I played with my new LifeScribe LiveScribe Echo pen, which is simply amazing.  I can imagine it as a poet’s tool, where you draft a poem in some place with interesting soundscape — maybe a game lodge — and the pen will record the actual sounds that were being made during the writing of each word.  I don’t completely get it yet, but I’m very glad I thought to bring it on this adventure.

On the Heathrow Express to Terminal 5

Not much else to tell, except that the first leg of the trip is accomplished. It’s difficult to fathom that our next night of sleep will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa.  That prospect is enough to keep me awake all night.

Did you know they still serve real meals on American flights to London?  We grabbed a full breakfast this morning at Logan International in Boston, expecting six hours of nothing but pretzels and cookies.  Instead, we were offered a choice of an omelet or pancakes and scrambled eggs early on, followed by a little box with a turkey sandwich in it as we approached the U.K.   At the Sofitel, all they had were fancier rooms than the one we booked, so a free upgrade was in order.   The bathtub is big enough to sleep in, and the desk where I’m writing is made of wood worthy of a yacht.   We’ll have a walk of about five minutes tomorrow morning to get to our British Airways flight to Johannesburg — enough time to grab a coffee and a crumpet, perhaps.  Cheerio for now…

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