Ellie Falsely Accused Yesterday for Dents on the Land Rover

The real culprit

In yesterday’s post about elephants in the Imfolozi Game Reserve, I gave an elephant credit for making impressive dents in the front bumper of our Land Rover.  Darlene this morning, when she read the account, reminded me that it was a rhino that made them by pushing the vehicle backwards with a full load of visitors to the reserve. I’m filing this correction as a separate post to do as much as I can to correct the record, lest anyone with a Google Alert set for Imfolozi Game Reserve or umHluHluwe Safaris get the mistaken impression that our excellent young guide, Lee, does not know the difference between a rhino and an elephant.

As a bonus, here is one of many memorable non-elephant scenes from yesterday’s tour of the game reserve – two young giraffes out for a stroll:

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