Kindle Safari: A Convo with Darlene at Tau Game Lodge

Taken during a morning game drive stop at Tao

I’m cross-posting this audio here, as well as at The Kindle Chronicles show notes page, where you’ll find links to the books we discussed. It’s a recording of the chat Darlene and I on our porch at Tau, about how helpful our Kindles have been on the trip.  I’d hoped the background noise would include elephants trumpeting and lions roaring, but the actual soundscape was pretty tame, featuring mainly birds and some wind.

We are back in Gaborone at the home of Linda and Jim, getting ready for final packing and our last night in Africa before starting the trek home tomorrow evening.  Jim and I are watching highlights of a great rugby match between Ireland and South Africa. I keep waiting for the referee’s whistle to blow, but it seldom does in this impressive display of skill and mayhem.

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