Southwest Airlines Christmas Flight to Denver


The guy one row in front of me across the aisle is watching the last season of Breaking Bad on a tablet. I’m not sure if it’s a Kindle Fire, iPad, our something else. I know every scene and can remember much of the dialog that he’s hearing in his Bose headphones. A baby has been crying non-stop for two hours, ever since we left Logan Airport in Boston. Every seat is taken, thus refuting our theory that Christmas is a day when most people don’t travel and the planes are full of peace, goodwill, and empty seats. Actually, the peace and goodwill part is as expected, and our flight crew are wearing cute elf hats.

Southwest charges $8 for WiFi of unimpressive speed but acceptable steadiness. I’m trying the free Kindle WordPress app, which works quite well. I took the photo above with my Kindle Fire HDX 7″, which only has a front-facing camera, so it’s a challenge to position it for a photo of someone other than yourself. It was easy to resize the image in the app, using a convenient slider.

The baby is quiet. This means I can now hear the chatty conversation that’s been taking place since Boston between two strangers in the row in front of us. If everyone, or even half the people in a cabin this full talked this much, we would be in flying bedlam. I can’t even imagine the din if the ban on cellphone conversations is ever lifted.

Claire is sleeping in her bag beneath the seat in front of Darlene. The rumble of the engines maybe soothes her. Southwest charges $75 to transport a small pet one way to Denver. The price goes up to $90 next month.

We will be carless in Denver for a while, until we decide on what model to buy now that we have decided not to drive 2,000 miles twice a year in the Ford Focus, which we left in Cambridge. Living in downtown Denver isn’t so bad without a car. You have to think ahead more than you do when your personal car is parked in the garage, always available. But we have OccasionalCar nearby and a membership in Car2Go, which leaves SmartCars all around the downtown for instant rental via your smartphone.

We are exhausted and made a few brain-dead errors at Logan. I left my carryon bag with my MacBook Air in it at the curbside bag-check counter and didn’t realize it until we were just about to go through security. Amazingly, it was still there when I speed-walked back to the counter. We will be very careful at DIA as we fetch our four big bags (two of them filled with donated Kindles that I will ship from Denver for E-Books for Troops) and make our way downtown on the RTD SkyRide bus. Almost home!

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2 Responses to Southwest Airlines Christmas Flight to Denver

  1. John McCormack says:

    I feel your angst about leaving the carry-on at the curb side check-in. I left a bag with several thousand dollars of camera equipment at the curb at Port Canaveral, Florida. Only noticed it missing after driving home two hours later. You can imagine the conversation: But I thought you packed it! No, you said you’d pack the bags while I …. Luckily, a Sheriff’s deputy took it into the terminal and it was waiting for She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed when she drove back to Port Canaveral to retrieve it.

    Glad you made it back to Denver safely. Have fun car shopping. I just spent a month test driving cars. Narrowed it down to Mazda 3i, KIA Forte, Ford Fusion, Chevy Cruze and Toyota Corolla. Bought none of them after being seduced by the 2014 VW Jetta with the new 1.8 liter turbo 4 cylinder. Sweeeet. Just my 2 cents.

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