Merry Christmas!

Me and JakeOur family celebrates Christmas this year with a brand-new member, my second grandson. Jake is two months and 10 days old today. He doesn’t believe in Santa Claus yet, but who needs Santa Claus when all the evidence points to the world revolving around you in every waking hour? You get handed from one loving set of arms to another, and every face that peers into your eyes is smiling with delight. When you cry, a mother or a father, or an aunt or a grandfather or grandmother is quick to move you up and down, bouncing and swirling round the room.

Not every baby enters this realm with the good fortune of my grandson. But each one brings a light that can change the world.

Darlene and I fly back to Denver this evening, full of memories of a fantastic five months here in New England, topped off by Christmas gatherings big and small.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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