Blogging the Beach

image1179813047.jpgThis late in the day, the breeze is cool and dogs are allowed back on the beach at Ocean Park/Old Orchard. We’ve been reading our Kindles, which prompted a woman who had just bought one to approach us with this question: “Do you LOVE them?” Oh yes. I’ve just been reading Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope, Andrys Basten’s latest Kindle World blog post, The Economist, and a Harvard Business School collection of professors’ views regarding health care reform. The Kindle’s screen is clear and easy to read in shade or direct sunlight. I love how, when my mind begins resisting one book or article, I have so many others at hand. This indeed, as others have suggested, may be why I am pretty sure I read more now than I did B.K.

A middle-aged couple walks by at the water’s edge, headed for Old Orchard. Each carries a pair of sandals, and their strides are perfectly syncronized. The first of the evening fishermen has planted a pole in a white tube just this side of where the little waves break. It’s nearing high tide, which means the afternoon’s extensive collection of manmade lakes, canals, castles, and sculptures has all been gently returned to default sandy flatness, ready for tomorrow’s diggers of all ages.

Darlene just arrived with the Yorkie Claire, who has sand on her little black nose from burrowing for who knows what. She runs after a thrown piece of driftwood, and when she reaches it begins furiously pawing the sand next to it.

I’m being summoned from my iBlogging back to the cottage for supper… all the best from Ocean Park!

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