Travels with Henry, Day 2

Even though we only drove 150 miles today, I feel fried and disoriented tonight, glad we can crash for the night at Darlene’s sister’s home in Omaha. Claire enjoyed prowling Deb’s lush garden in the back yard, as shown in the photo above.

It may be that I overloaded the circuits by banging on the Kindle podcast all morning in Room 117 at the Quality Inn at Grand Island, Nebraska. Or we haven’t quite found our road legs this early in the trip. In any event, I’ll be winding down early tonight with From Russia With Love on my Kindle. I never realized that Ian Fleming was such a stylish, enjoyable author.

Jumping around here. The gear is the thing. I travel with a MacBook Pro, iPad 2, iPhone, Kindle 3G with Special Offers, and microphones, external speakers, and a Zeo sleep machine. Plus a few clothes. Darlene bought a clever auto fridge that plugs into the cigarette lighter and keeps food and drinks cold for the road. I resisted this improvement every step of the way, arguing that I need to stop regularly at truck-stop junk-food joints for Cheetos and coffee, in order to be a safe driver.  She wasn’t buying it. And now I’ve already become a big fan of the fridge, because I can make a nice ham and cheese sandwich with pickles any time I want, like on a sidewalk this afternoon in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The flooding has already affected our itinerary. Tomorrow instead of taking I-680 over the Missouri River, we’ll detour south to I-80.  Somewhere between here and tomorrow night we’ll be dealing with the Mississippi River, if my geography is right. I’d planned to stay in Davenport, Iowa, now that we have the prospect of a tour at Ford in Dearborn, I want to get further east tomorrow.  Maybe Joliette, Illinois.

There you have it. Road notes after a barbecue supper out on Deb’s patio, by the garden.  Till tomorrow, then.

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