Travels with Henry, Day 5

This is Jim Buczkowski, with whom I visited in his office at Ford Motor Company yesterday, Day 5 of our drive across America and Canada to Boston. Jim has been involved with Ford’s SYNC/MyFord Touch project since the beginning. Which just goes to show you don’t have to become stuck in your ways after working for the same company for decades, nevermind a company where your father had his career, too.  Jim is a 32-year veteran of Ford who gets it.  Technology, that is.  He’d just returned from a visit to M.I.T., where he goes for ideas about what tech in the car will look like in the future.

I’ll have the full interview up tomorrow at The Edge of the Road Podcast.

This morning we’re packing up at the Comfort Inn in Oshawa, Ontario, which is just east of Toronto. I would have loved to explore downtown Toronto yesterday, but instead we sat through rush hour on the 401, inching our way East. Next stop: Kingston, Ontario, to explore the Thousand Islands.

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