Travels with Henry, Day 6


This coffee shop still life comes to you from Coffee & Company at 53 Pricess Street in Kingston, Ontario. Impressively, it has no web site. Which is not to say it’s unwired; most of us are bent over screens of one size or another. “The password is bagel,” the barrista answered when I asked if there was Wifi. He spoke to the side, as if SMERSH agents might overhear us. “All lowercase?” I asked, lowering my voice as well. He nodded. So I’m back on the net after a frustrating 24 hours at the periphery, ever since we breezed past the border at Port Huron/Sarnia yesterday. Nothing to declare. No WiFi at the Comfort Inn last night in Oshawa, and spotty results at the one today in Kingston, where we checked in early at noon and napped.

The Profession by Steven Pressfield dropped from the Whispernet to my Kindle today. I have paper proofs and now the much-preferred Kindle version. Darlene left her colorful sunglasses case and Claire (unseen in photo) behind while she checks out the shops on Pricess Street. That triangle shape is the case/stand for my iPad.

Travel is disorienting, especially on a trip like this one that won’t have time to develop much of a routine. When we used to travel in a small motorhome, a Rialta, we’d pick out an RV campground sometime in the early afternoon and arrive before dark, so there was plenty of time to hook up the water, electrical, and other connections. No hauling of suitcases and gear up the stairs of a Comfort Inn. No packing and unpacking. On this trip, we try to stay a day ahead of ourselves for hotel reservations. Since tonight will be our second stay at a Comfort Inn, we’re due to get our next night free, thanks to a special promotion I spotted on the breakfast table in Joliet, Illinois. So disorienting, yes. But that’s what travel’s good for – to shake things up and see what remains. For me, perhaps sadly, it always comes back to the net. Gotta get back online. First thing I do in a new hotel room is fire up the devices. I get jumpy when I’m offline. So sue me. 🙂

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