Happy New Year

The view from my desk at 6 a.m.

As for resolutions, one might be to tend this outpost on the net more regularly. But I’ll just mention that as a possibility. Higher up the list of intentions is eating well, which I define as eating a fruit or a vegetable every day except Sunday, when I shall consume only Ritz Crackers and Cheez Whiz. I will resume my daily huff-and-puff workouts on the cross trainer, enhanced this year by content on my Kindle Fire. Currently playing are The Wire, Arrested Development, and a black-and-white 1960 classic film, “Never on Sunday” starring Melina Mercouri.

It’s good to be back in downtown Denver, but part of me is always in 02138, staying abreast of the family doings medical and otherwise. It’s all accessible two time zones away via phone, Skype, e-mail, and prayer. But where you are matters, and far away makes a difference. Some part of me gets renewed out here in the West. I like to imagine standing by the banks of the Charles River and looking up a mile to see a high rise condo in the sky. That’s where I am now, way up here where the air is thin and dry, closer to the sun. Something inside me awakens and knows it is home.

But after a paltry ZQ score of 45 I’m not fit to dive deeply into philosophical probings of The West. I’ll be napping before noon to recharge and reboot. And I’ll be winding this up now in order to fulfill today’s dose of another resolution, to press ahead five days a week on research for my book project. Thus, to Marshall McLuhan’s The Gutenberg Galaxy¬†to make more notes in Evernote. The stakes will be higher this week, because I will talk with the media savant’s son, Dr. Eric McLuhan, on Wednesday for this week’s Kindle Chronicles¬†interview. I want to know what he thinks of the e-book revolution and if he can intuit with a son’s empathy what his famous father might have seen in the modest gray screen of the Kindle.

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